Hey girl hey

24 Mar

I have never really had any close female friends as an adult (until recently). This is in part because I have long preferred the company of men, probably because elementary/middle/high school experiences with female bullies really put me off on the whole GIRL’S NIGHT! thing.

But I just want to mention how blessed I am to finally have some wonderful lady friends in my life, and how grateful I am to have just spent a terrific week laughing and drinking wine and experiencing music with them.

Since having my heart broken around a year ago, I have had some ups and downs, but my friends have been there for me through it all and I am incredibly fortunate to have that bond that only sisters can have. I’ll wait while you go buy some extra Velveeta to go with all the cheese I’m dishing out.

All my battle scars and demons are starting to heal, and life is beautiful. 

I have friends and music and art and beauty and my health is improving and I am a candidate for my dream job.

Life is good.


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