How the mighty have fallen

6 Jan

I guess my ex got his widdle feelings hurt by my last post. The good news? I got my shit back!

His conduct was astounding. Wouldn’t take the door when I held it open for him. Stared at his feet and muttered something. Wouldn’t even look at me. I tried being friendly, but that’s not what he wants. He wants me to yell at him and be a bitch so he can keep telling his harem of followers what a meany poo poo head I am.

This is a grown, adult male who teaches kids for a living. And he can’t even look me in the eye. Good riddance, you arrogant coward.

See, I’m not supposed to be upset. He’s indignant because I actually took offense to his behavior: cheating, lying, sneaking around behind my back, laying all these elaborate plans about how he’s going to dump me so he can take off with Mistress #48. See, I wasn’t supposed to get MAD about it. How dare I!

I caught him in a lie, so he gets pissed and acts like a fucking kid. And yet somehow he’s trying to trash my reputation among our mutual acquaintances, none of whom give enough of a shit about me to actually bother considering how one-sided and self-absorbed his “version” of events is.

Don’t let the charisma fool you. This guy is a habitual burner of bridges and only acts in self-interest. The welfare of other human beings is the last thing on his mind.

I can’t even tell you how wonderful it has felt today to know that this lying, STD-ridden, cheating, arrogant bag of shit is completely gone from my life. I feel like I just won the lottery.

His “conditional” version of love made me miserable and kept me down. Now I am free to love myself without conditions first, and then hopefully find someone out there who is equally free of conditions for love.

Don’t allow someone to put constraints on why and how they will love you. It’s a recipe for disaster and self-loathing. That man will NEVER love another human being unconditionally, and that is why I am so lucky to have escaped.

Pretty much ran down the street jumping for joy and flirted with a couple construction workers in celebration.


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